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About us

Located in the Ginnheim district of Frankfurt, our school was founded in 1973 as a vocational college for business and commerce, and named after Franz Böhm in 1985. More than 2000 students are enrolled here in various programmes for vocational qualification. Specifically, the programmes are

Fachoberschule, which combines internships or work experience with upper secondary education courses and which, upon successful completion, enables the student to study at a technical university;

Berufsfachschule, a two-year course leading to an intermediate secondary school leaving certificate as preparation for specialized vocational training or as the entry requirement for the Fachoberschule;

BzB, a one-year course introducing students to basic professional skills and leading to a general certificate of secondary education, after which it is possible to enrol for the Berufsfachschule;

Berufsschule, which provides two- to three-year specialized courses for students on apprenticeships in various business-related and administrative professions.



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Dann kontaktieren Sie die Koordinatorin für Internationale Projekte, Frau Longoni-Neff.


Do you have questions about our projects?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Coordinator for International Projects, Ms. Longoni-Neff.



Weitere Ansprechpartner für den Austausch mit Polen, der vom Deutsch-Polnischen Jugendwerk gefördert wird, sind Frau Tomaszewska und Herr Trageser.